January 2, 2017

Beneath the Rainbow

Beneath the Rainbow

Somewhere beneath the rainbow
Laughing in a sunny field
At a grasshopper startled to flight
A little girl in sandals and pink
Serious suddenly upon hearing her name

Called brusquely from a distance
How quickly the sun seemed to vanish
And dread silence upon the field fell
Broken only by the heartbeat thrum in her ears
A dutiful step back towards a brutal space

Heavy with worry no child should know
Oh to be like the grasshopper
Driven to strength by innate understanding
Knowing to flee before danger could strike
Tall grass for a cover

A blanket of leaf
And wings, glorious wings.
To never know inadequacies or shame
Perhaps tomorrow, but that's far away
So she lowers her head and obeys.

© 2016 by Gina Locke

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